Friendly, smart and very playful boys and girls kittens for sale. Father is main coon and mom is himalayan. They use litter box and eat cat food. Looking for new home. :-)
Very friendly, smart and playful 2 boys and 2 girls kittens for sale. Use litter box, eat cat food, 3 months old. Looking for new home
14-Apr-2012New York City, NY+20 milesFor Sale
My Siberian cats are agile jumper, and are very strongly built, big and powerful. they has rounded paws which are large and strong hindquarters. my Siberian cat has ears of medium size, barrel chest, broad foreheads and are built stockier which differentiates them from the Maine Coon and the Forrest cart breeds.they weighs between eleven to fifteen pounds in males and in female cats the w...
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